Roswell Marks Changes in Seasons

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Heatherton, Monte Hewett Homes‘ luxury community in Roswell, marked the summer solstice yesterday with unique shadow points in the community’s formal maze.

Referred to as “The Heatherton Folly,” the unique maze consists of two partially overlapping labyrinths.

The larger labyrinth ends at the Solstice Spire, whose shadow marks the seasons. At the summer solstice, the spire cast its shortest shadow of the year. At sunrise and sunset yesterday, the spire’s shadow struck two black rocks just outside the maze. The only other day of the year when the shadow strikes these two rocks is at the Winter Solstice.

The second labyrinth ends at the Equinox Spire, whose shadow points mark the time. Developed by Harold Cunliffe of the Pacific Group, the Heatherton Folly also marks Heatherton’s position on the earth, 83 degrees longtitude and 34 degrees latitude, by the angular measurement between the stones that circle the two labyrinths.

The Heatherton Folly’s presence in Heatherton is much like the community itself – out of the ordinary, interesting, a little bit dressy and a lot of casual fun. It is definitely something noteworthy to see. For more information, call 678-538-3125.

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