Energy costs concerns homeowners

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As mentioned in an article of today’s AJC paper titled “Future may be dim for Edison’s bulb”, more and more people are concerned these days with rising energy costs and the environment. Several legislatures are actually proposing putting a ban on the light bulbs that have been around for more than 125 years because at least 90 percent of its energy is wasted as heat.

They suggest making fluorescent bulbs the new standard because they convert about 75 percent of electric current into light, according to the article. This could mean big savings for homeowners of $50 over the 10,000 hour life-span of the bulb. If the US alone switched to fluorescent bulbs, it would reduce the nation’s electricity costs by more than $18 billion a year.

So what’s all the fuss about? Well not everyone loves the fluorescent bulbs. Some think that although we should use more of them for some things, the incandescent bulbs are better for other things.

If doing something as small as changing one light bulb can save a homeowner $50, it makes me wonder how much money they can save by purchasing an energy-efficient home like Energy Star and EarthCraft certified homes that Monte Hewett Homes offers. When purchasing a home from Monte Hewett Homes, homeowners can expect a savings of 30 to 45 percent on average. That is a huge difference! It is almost like cutting your energy bills in half! And not only are you saving money, but you are helping save the environment as well.

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