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As one of the top builders in the Atlanta New Housing Market, we are often approached about our feelings on the “bubble” in our market. For some time, we have believed that Atlanta isn’t truly affected by the housing bubble that many other markets are dealing with now. Undoubtly though, all the bad press about housing has had an effect on home buyers in Atlanta.

On a positive note though, things to seem to be turning around. Interest rates still remain very low, and with special finanacing being offered by some builders including Monte Hewett Homes, one can’t really pass up this incredible deal.

We have taken time too to poll agents to get their feelings on the market, and they mostly agree. We found an incredible website too that offers agents the opportunity to express their opinions, and we wanted to share that with you. Visit Reality Times today!

So, what do homebuyers need to know at this moment? 1. Find a quality home. Look for upgrade features and important “hidden” benefits (those things inside the walls) such as PestBan or EarthCraft. 2. Shop around for your mortgage. There are a lot of lenders in the market. Make them earn your business. 3. Find a builder with longevity. You want to know your homebuilder will make it through this rough 4th quarter. Visit their headquarters and ask questions. With the 123’s of new home buying today, you will surely find the home of your dreams in this buyer’s market.

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