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Although Atlanta didn’t make the top 100 cities based in it’s criteria this year, still lists everything you need to know about our great city (read more)  In 2006, with an estimated 24% projected gain in home prices of the next 5 years, it seems that Atlanta is a home hot spot and a great place to invest. (full article here from

Atlanta, which is still mostly unaffected by the “housing bubble”, will have continued growth as the largest growth region in the Southeast. And, with new jobs and opportunities coming to Atlanta, homeowners are looking to the greater Atlanta area for reasonable homes. One area of the majority of growth is in the north i285 area in the city of Smyrna, GA. From mix-use communities to traditional craftsman style housing, those in the market for new homes should begin their search in the area.

As the median home prices, income and population grow, buyers who join the market now will tend to see overall long-term results. also offer a video with all the details.

Monte Hewett Homes recognizes the strong growth and potential for Atlanta especially in the Smyrna, Cobb county, GA area. Visit Stonhaven, West Village, or Riley’s Walk to find your dream home.

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