New home tips on Saving on Engery Bills

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As homebuyers it is important to know the true value of your home. It is also important to understand the full value of energy saving benefits and features such as EarthCraft. Monte Hewett Homes is a premier builder of EarthCraft homes in the Atlanta area. Did you also know there are a number of ways you, as the homeowner, can save additional money?

Here is a quick list:

  • Ensure you have tight-fitting glass doors around your fireplace to reduce loss of heat and air. This could save between $300-$600 a year
  • Correctly using a ceiling fan that is reversible easily allows you to change the thermostat settings in any room, but remember to turn it on and off as you would a regular light. These savings range from $100-$300
  • One of the most cost effective ways is to install, program, and use programmable thermostats. Set temperatures to relevant levels when you are home. Save yourself between $50-$300 a year.
  • Clean and change furnace filters on a regular basis. Dusty or clogged filters greatly increase wear-and-tear on your unit and your wallet.
  • Some “free” ways to save include: cook with the microwave or toaster over your conventional oven, set the refrigerator at 40 and freezer at 5 degrees when the unit is full of food, keep your dryer warm by drying loads one after another, set the fan on your thermostat to auto, and utilize window blinds or shades to keep rooms cool or warm as needed.

While none of these techniques will make you a millionaire, they can save you considerable money throughout the year. Today’s new homes and townhomes are also built to more stringent standards than older homes. Check out Monte Hewett’s EarthCraft new Atlanta homes today for more information.

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