Care for your Granite Countertops – Stains/Scratches/Polish

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With hundreds of new cleaning products coming to market each month, we have received a number of phone calls about caring for granite countertops.  We met with several of our vendors, and we have compiled a quick do’s and don’ts for your Natural Stone (Granite) countertops.
Care and Precautions:  Wet items – always place a coaster under items that can make your countertops wet especially those that may contain alcohol or citrus juice as this can damage the appearance of your granite.Cleaning Recommendations:

  1. Bathroom and Wet Areas:   For soapy areas, such as showers, it is important to dry surfaces after use.  A
    squeegee is a perfect way to keep those areas clean.  To remove soap sum and build up, try 1/2 cup of ammonia to a gallon of water for a perfect cleaning solution.  Over-use of this solution though can dull the surface; and so, we recommend using less than 3/4 times a year.
  2. Vanity Tops:  These areas will need to be sealed from time to time.  Look for a marble wax or paste to minimize the water spotting in these areas.  Never allow wet items to sit on surfaces for long periods of time to avoid damage to the surface and shine.
  3. Kitchens and Food Prep: Once again, this area needs a good sealer.  Be sure your sealer is non-toxic and safe for food service areas.  For frequent cleaning, a mild liquid soap and warm water will keep the surface clean and shiny.  Never use a cleaner with acid (lemon, vinegar, etc) or cleaners with harsh abrasive qualities. Lastly, only cut food on a cutting board to avoid direct contact granite surfaces by the knife blade..

Quick Tip from the Monte Hewett Homes Service Department, Addie CunninghamSTAINS ON YOUR GRANITE/STONE
Addie offers some helpful hints for removing most stains from your Stone/Granite.
Oil – The oil must be dissolved, try a liquid cleaner with bleach or ammonia
Organic – Coffee, Tea and other foods need to be removed with 12% hydrogen peroxide and a few drops of ammonia
Ink – clean with bleach (light stone) or acetone (dark stones)
Water Spots and Rings – Buff with dry 0000 steel wool
Scratches and Nicks – Buff with dry 0000 steel wool or contact professional

4.    Do:  clean surfaces with mild soaps, cleanup spills immediately, rinse and dry surfaces after washing, do protect stone with coasters and placemats
5.    Don’t: Use acid based cleaners, use abrasive cleaners (wet or dry), mix ammonia and bleach products, cut directly on your stone. For more information on floors, visit our website at:

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