What is a “Green Home?” – What does it mean to be green?

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Green, Energy Efficient, Energy Star, and EarthCraft are all terms you have heard in the news, but what do they mean?  It seems everyone is talking about these days. What is a “Green Home?” Who are the builders the build new homes that are energy-efficient? And, what does that mean for me, the homeowner?

A great article was recently posted by the McClatchy-Tribune News Service (see link for full article). This question and answer format article, explains that some there is little ground between builder who do and builder who don’t build “green homes.” In today’s market, it is an all-or-nothing when it comes to building better, more energy-efficient homes.

EarthCraft and Energy Star (the government’s rating) are just one example of how new home builders in Atlanta, including Monte Hewett Homes, are making big efforts to reduce energy costs for the homeowner, protect the environment during building and after, as well as, building a better home.

The National Association of Home Builders and The Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association has created some voluntary guidelines for builders. Upon review, you will quickly find that Monte Hewett Homes and EarthCraft premier builders meet those guidelines where applicable. Broken into six important categories, the guidelines are easy for builders and homeowners to understand and see how they are making a contribution to the environment.

Monte Hewett Homes builds 100% EarthCraft housing. So no matter if you find your dream home in Smyrna, Roswell, or Atlanta, GA, you can be guaranteed your home is prepared to be energy-efficient and kind to the environment.

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