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  Don’t we all become little kids around Halloween?  While we understand that not everyone celebrates this holiday, we thought we would take a moment to enjoy the lighter side of life.  Here are a few “tips and tricks” for a safe and fun Halloween.

Decorating your home?:

  • Make it saferemember that many trick-and-treaters will visit you at night, so be sure to remove any cables or cords from your walkways or front steps that might cause them to trip.

  • Light it up – not everyone in the neighborhood will be home or celebrating the holiday.  If you want lots of visitors to your front door, be sure to “light it up.”  This gives adults and children reassurance the your home is safe for a visit.

  • Keep flames away – while candles, jack-o-lanters, matches and lighters are all part of decorating, be sure to use common sense when putting these items out.  Remember with the dry weather a battery operated light may be safer than your traditional candles and provide the same effect. Also – open flames on your front porch could catch a stray Harry Potter cape or Cinderella’s dress, so keep burning candles away from your front door and trick or treaters.

  • Here kitty, kitty – pets scare too.  If your pets don’t enjoy visitors, they will become especially agitated at multiple visit from ghosts and goblins.  Give them a special treat that night, and maybe tuck them away in a spare bedroom until the festivities are over.

  • Where did I put that power strip? – over the years outdoor decorations have become more and more visible.  But remember to always ensure your outdoor lights are ULC certified, check for broken lights or damaged cords, and never overload extension cords or use power strips outside. 

  • Shhhhhhhhhhh, don’t wake the neighbors – remember that not everyone celebrates the same holidays.  During your trick or treating this season; have fun, but remember to respect your neighbors.

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