Does Renting make sense in today’s home buying environment?

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An interesting trend has started among some first-time homebuyers and even homeowners who recently sold their home, it is called renting. Does this make sense in today’s market? As always, the answer is still NO. Renters lose money every month regardless of the current market.

As reported by Darren Meade from the American Chronicle on August 19, 2006, “Nearly a full third of households are still renting…but if you are one of them, you could be paying a hefty price.” Meade makes a strong case against declining home prices too because of the strong job market currently in the US. As we have written on several occassion, Atlanta is no exception. As jobs continue to come into the market and people relocate to the area, home prices are remaining steady.

So, where is the money savings in purchasing a home vs. buying? How can you purchase a home without a large down-payment? Meade and Monte Hewett Homes preferred lendors offer a wide variety of loan options. From zero down to extended interest only loans offer all homebuyers the opportunity to own a home today. To see the mathmateics in action read more from Meade on the American Chronicle site.

Another option for buyers is to consider a luxury townhome vs. the purchase of a single family unit. With a lower price without sacrificing amentities or luxury, homeowners can be comforted by lower payments, and be ensured an easy resale in a couple of years.

Monte Hewett Homes continues to make all those options available. Visit our locations page to see the luxury townhomes at Heatherton (GA400) or West Village (South Atlanta Road). In addition, when visiting these locations check the current loan rates and visit with our preferred lenders to see how buying is the right choice.

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