Monte Hewett Homes suggests avoiding big home expenses. A little care will go a long way.

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Once you move into your new home, many of us get involved with decorating, painting, and moving furniture. We tend to overlook one of the most expensive items in our homes – our appliances. Just a little time and care will greatly prolong the life of your stove, microwave, and refrigerator.

At Monte Hewett Homes, we strive to provide our new Atlanta homeowners with top quality appliances by Whirlpool in all our locations. Below are some quick references to cleaning schedules and maintenance for those items:

  • Ovens: about twice a year clean the interior of your stove using the self-cleaning feature or with cleaners available on the market, and daily be sure to clean after each use
  • Microwaves: Microwaves tend to get the worst stains, to clean try putting water on a high setting for 3 minutes, and allow it to set for another 5. The steam created in the oven should help loosen any stain or cooked-on food.
  • Refrigerators: it is important to keep your stainless steel refrigerator as clean as possible. Be sure to use only cleaners recommended by the manufacturer. It is important to check the seal on your refrigerator quarterly and at the same time replace water or ice filters. Lastly, don’t forget to clean around your refrigerator (back included) to remove dust from the air intakes.
  • Dryers and Washers: Keeping your clothes clean is one thing, but keeping your machines clean is quite another job. For Dryers, be sure to keep the lint traps clean. You may also use a vacuum to keep free of loose lint that may cause problems. For Washer, be sure to watch the hoses connecting your unit. You should replace these ever several years. Also, be sure to wash the interior of your washer to avoid detergent build-up or mold issues.

You may also contact Whirlpool customer service via their website.

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