Monte Hewett announces the “It’s a Big Deal” Deals

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The continued news on TV makes the housing market seem like “a really big deal.”  The reality of the situation is that the Atlanta Housing market has remained strong.  People are moving into the area everyday, and new jobs are being offered daily.

So, Monte Hewett believes it’s time to help people get out of corporate housing, and help ease fears about buying a home.  Monte Hewett announced today, “It’s a BIG Deal” deals.  With $5,000-$125,000 off select inventory homes, the time to close on a new home is now.

“It’s time for potential homeowners to realize, renting no longer makes sense.  And, with fewer and fewer homes on the market, some buyers are missing out on their dream homes.  What’s happened to the housing market is a big deal.  We, as a major builder in the Atlanta Market, are ready to step up and put our best deal forward.  What we are doing: “It’s a Big Deal”; and in fact, it might be the biggest deal in Atlanta.”

Visit the website today to see all of the homes available.


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