Gas Savings Tips & Your Economic Stimulus Check.

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Is going to the gas pump starting to feel like going to a real-life horror movie?  We understand your pain at Monte Hewett Homes, and wanted to offer your some good news and tips on saving fuel this summer.

First, where’s my check?  You may have heard that the IRS is 2 days ahead of schedule getting your “Economic Stimulus” check to your bank or mailbox.  Visit:  You can get an estimated payment date, and check your eligibility.

Next, we have compiled a couple of ideas on saving gas:

  • Live close to your work/school:  Monte Hewett Homes offers locations all over Atlanta!

  • Consider a hybrid car:  It might be a bit pre-mature, 100 mpg cars are close just read this Popular Mechanics “how to” article.

  • Car maintenance:  Check your tire inflation, get your engine tuned, and take the “junk” out of the trunk – every 250 lbs burns an additional gallon of fuel

  • Gas Shop:  not all stations charge the same amount, don’t top off your tank

  • Smart Driving:  make slow start and stops, slow down – driving 55 vs 65 will save you 2 gallons per mile, combine trips, and take the foot off the brake to reduce drag

  • Gas cap:  a tight gas cap will stop evaporation, and a locking gas cap will keep thieves from stealing your gas while parked.

  • Windows vs Air conditioning….on the highway close up those windows, in stop-and-go traffic turn off the air conditioner

Want more?  Search Google or – keyword:  Ways to Save Gas

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