Get a check-up on your HVAC this summer

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Need a checkup?  It’s important to do proper maintenance of your HVAC unit.  Don’t wait til it’s too late.  Here are Monte Hewett Homes HVAC vendors.  When you call, let them know you live in a Monte Hewett Home. For a list of all our important vendors, visit the HO Resource Center on our website.

Precision Air

Custom Air

Air Performance

HVAC System Check

  • Have a HVAC professional do a routine-check before the summer heat waves arrive.
  • Vacuum return and/or supply air vents if they are dirty.
  • Replace the furnace filter. Make future replacements as needed or directed by your furnace manufacturer. Selecting a filter with a higher Merv rating will improve your air quality.
  • Reprogram your thermostat settings for Spring/Summer. Recommendations are to set the temperature no lower than 78 degrees in the summer.
  • If your thermostat uses batteries now may be the time to replace them.

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