Monte Hewett Projects, Vinings Main and Stonehaven at Vinings, makes headlines in AJC

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Residents of Stonehaven at Vinings and Vinings Main aren’t seeing red these days.  As reported in the AJC article, Silver lining lives in Vingings from 6/8/2008, residents of the Monte Hewett Projects, Vinings Main and Stonehaven at Vinings, are seeing GREEN!

“We always look for the best locations in Atlanta, and we quickly recognized the Vinings was the next BIG THING,” says Monte Hewett, president of Monte Hewett Homes and Hewett Custom Builders.  “We try our best to protect not only our current homeowners, but buyers in the market who are concerned about purchasing in these uncertain times.”

According to the AJC, prices in the Vinings area has jumped 57 percent and seen sales on units sold increase 21.5%.

“Our other projects close to Vinings such as Riley’s Walk by the Smyrna Market Village and West Village near I-285 and South Atlanta Road, have seen larger numbers of potential buyers too,” says Dina Gundersen, Marketing Director.  “It’s all about the small town feel and the safety and security of the area.  Lots happening near Vinings.”

Monte Hewett continued, “Regardless of what you are looking for, what price range you need, and EXACTLY where in Vinings you want to be, we have it all!  We have done our best to offer a wide range of product with everything from a quaint community feel in Riley’s Walk, to our mixed use community at West Village.  We offer townhomes and single-family homes.”

So it appears if Vinings and Smyrna are the next hot spots in Atlanta, Monte Hewett Homes has you covered.  Click to see more about this article and information from the AJC.

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