Suggestions and HOW TO for your Thermostat this summer!

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We all know the costs of energy are rising, and saving our natural resources is on everyone’s mind.  So, this month we wanted to focus our attention on the #1 bill during the summer – our HVAC bills.  Did you know that during the summer, your HVAC may account to 1/2 of your electric bill?

As of 2005, Monte Hewett Home began building EarthCraft certified homes, and as of March 2007 MHH homes were also certified ENERGY STAR; and thus, you made a great energy saving purchase with your new home.  But, properly setting your thermostats can also save energy, money, and the environment.  Here are a couple of quick tips for setting that automated thermostat:

  • The recommend setting for summers in Atlanta is 78 degrees.  You can immediately increase or decrease you bill from 3 to 5 percent for every degree you adjust your thermostat.

  • While at work, adjust your thermostat higher, but no more than 5 degrees!!

  • CLEAN YOUR AIR FILTERS – dirty filters restrict air flow, and can cause damage to your HVAC unit.

  • Remember that you ceiling fans should be running CLOCKWISE during the summer to bring the cool air down.  Proper use of ceiling fans can change the room temperature by 1 to 2 degrees.

  • Plant a tree or two on sunny area’s of the home.  While a tree won’t make an immediate impact, shading your home from the summer sun can definitely make long-term impacts, and improve the environment.

  • Purchase a dehumidifier, reducing the moisture in the air can help rooms to feel cooler, and these units have less of an energy demand.

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