Money Savers – outside lawncare and landscaping ideas

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It seems everyone is cutting back on something these days; and so, we thought we would send you a couple of ways to save money outside. Here are a couple of quick tips for your lawn, garden and landscaping!

The price of water in Atlanta is always going up. Fortunately, with all the rain this year, our need to water has been greatly reduced. We have also been fortunate in that many counties have also lightened the watering restrictions. BUT, many of us have forgotten how to use our automated systems. Take a moment and review the manual, reset your meter and TEST it. Too often homeowners set their systems, and weeks later realize they have been wasting water.

One of the biggest problems many homeowners cause themselves in regards to their lawn is OVER-mowing. You should always mow you lawn to no less than 3 inches. This will help you lawn to stay green by keeping moisture in the lawn, allowing better growth of the roots and creating a healthier environment for new blades.

Rid yourself of weeds:
Weeds take water from plants and grass, and they also tend to cause ugly eyesores in your well manicured lawns and flower beds. Take a few moments each week to remove as many weeds as possible. It is also important to remove and destroy weeds in sidewalks and driveways. These little weeds can cause major damage.

These are just a couple of ideas. Take some time and look for ways to save yourself money outside this summer!

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