Don’t forget your garage doors – they need maintenance too.

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It always seems to happen when I’m late…my garage door won’t go down. Arrgh. This has been a recurring issue at my house, and I swear we have tried everything we can think of to fix it ourselves. I  finally had enough and called a garage door company to come out and look at it.OakHills

The guy from Overhead Door Company of Atlanta came the next morning and it was really a great experience. It turns out that we ALL should show our garage doors some love every few years! It is the largest electronic appliance in our homes, yet most of us forget that it needs routine maintenance too!

My door problem stemmed from the two sensors being out of alignment, something common after a few years of jiggling and hand-to-hand combat with our trash can every Tuesday. The technician then gave our whole garage door system a “once-over” and found a major safety issue! The giant spring that controls the speed of the door opening and closing had loosened over 3 years of hard use thus allowing the door to slam shut the second it is manually detached from the electric track. This is a major safety hazzard! If there was a fire and we had to escape quickly, we would (and SHOULD) pull the red chord to disengage the automatic opener. In our case the door would have just slammed to the ground seriously injuring  anyone in the way. Yikes!

So that got me to thinking – everyone needs to be reminded to have general maintenance performed on their garage doors every few years. This technician recommended having maintenance done after the 3rd year on a brand new home, then every 2 years until the home is about 7 years old, and then at least once a year from there on out.

So here’s your friendly reminder from me and MHH to have your garage door serviced soon. Then you won’t get caught running late to work, in the rain and having to manually shut your garage door!

Overhead Door Company has a great list of Garage Door Safety Tips on their website and some routine maintenance items that you can do yourself. Check it out by going to the Residential/Garage Safety section on their website.

-Dina Gundersen
Monte Hewett Homes Team Member since 2003

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