Winter on the way….

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Windows 7 isn’t the only thing coming this October (10.22.2009).  Cold weather is coming too, and if you haven’t prepared your home, you could be spending a lot more this winter.  Here are a couple of quick tips to get you started:

  • Furnace.  Run it now.  Besides clearing all the dust out of the system (that’s the burning smell you might first experience), you can ensure the unit is functioning properly. Don’t wait to call a tech to service your unit.
  • Filters.  While you can get by with changing filters less frequently, we like to change ours furnace filters monthly during the winter months.  No need to buy the most expensive filters, go cheaper and change more frequently. Remember a BLACK (clogged) filter is bad for your furnace, your home, and your helath!
  • Fireplace.  If you turn off the pilot, be sure to start it again.  Keep a close eye on it the first 2 days to ensure it is working.  If you have a wood burning fireplace, check the chimney. Lots of animals like to call the chimney home during the summer.
  • Windows.  This is where you lose the most heat from your home.  You can buy easy do-it-yourself kits to replace old moldings, caulk, or foam.  Also, consider sealing certain windows and doors during the winter months to avoid drafts and cold air entering your home.
  • Bye, Bye Summer Tools – now is the time to begin packing up outdoor tools and equipment.  With the recent rains and cooler weather, you could possibly shut-off your watering systems now.  Remember to drain the lines.  Old water in the system can cause freezing and breakage of the underground pipes.

These are just a couple of quick tips for you and your home.  Be sure to check you homeowners warranty manual for more information specific to your  home.

Also, keep an eye out here on our Monte Hewett Blog.  We have lots of information about upcoming events like Halloween, Thanksgiving and New Years.  Happy Living from all of us at Monte Hewett Homes.

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