Cobb County Approves a New Three-Year Balanced School Calendar

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At their November 11, 2009 meeting, the Cobb County Board of Education approved a new “balanced” calendar for the 2010 through 2013 school years. Each school year will now begin the first week of August and end the Friday prior to Memorial Day. There are still only the required 180 days, so where do the added weeks come from? There are now 2 new mid term, one-week breaks for students and teachers in September and February and a full week at Thanksgiving.

Why the change? That seems to depend on who you ask. Data analyzed from other districts appears to support improvements in the areas of student achievement, attendance and discipline, as well as teacher morale and retention when a balanced calendar is in place. In September 2009, Superintendent Fred Sanderson developed three options for a new calendar and sent out a survey to employees and teachers throughout the county. Over 8,400 responded and over half voted for the “balanced calendar” option.

So if you aren’t happy with idea of sending your kids back in the blazing heat of early August, look on the bright side. As one mom with two elementary school kids said, “Well, now maybe you can take a cheap trip to the beach or skiing when noone else can!”

With so many Monte Hewett homeowners in Cobb County, we wanted to make sure and pass this information along as soon as we heard it.  Please share this with your neighbors and friends. Visit the Cobb County School District website to view or download the approved Balanced Calendar for next three years.

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