It’s COLD in Atlanta, Have You Covered Your Outside Faucets?

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Here in the ATL we’re gearing up for the “S” word tonight – so here’s a quick reminder of a few things to do to prepare for the freezing nights.

Protect outside pipes and faucets. In some homes, the outside faucet has a separate shut-off in the FrostKing faucet cover available at Home Depotbasement. If you have a separate valve for outside faucets, shut if off. Then go outside and turn on all the faucets to drain water in the lines.

Drain your in-ground irrigation systems. Check your manufacturer’s manual (do you rememebr where you stashed that?) for specific instructions for your system

Wrap outside faucets or hose bibs. You shoud do this for sure if you don’t have a separate valve to turn off outside faucets, but I tend to do it anyway – it can’t hurt! Home Depot or Lowes have then molded styrofoam covers that latch on with a band for under $1. (Also remember to disconnect garden hoses.) You can also use newspaper or rags covered with plastic.

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