Is it Time to Paint My House?

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I don’t know about you, but  I can’t remember all of the seasonal home maintenance items on my long-range “to do” list. (Tip: you can check the MHH HomeCare list here for reminders!) I was talking with a neighbor the other day who is planning to get estimates to have the exterior of her home painted. It got me thinking…is it time to paint MY house? I checked in with our VP of Operations and here are his suggestions:

“Exterior caulking should be checked every year. Exterior painting can truly depend on what direction your home faces – i.e. south-facing homes usually need painting before north-facing homes. With that said, 4-5 years is a general timeframe.”

After hearing this, I walked the perimeter of my home and did find some caulking that needs to be addressed. And since my home faces due South, the front does appear to have faded some compared to the back. So, i’ll be joining in with my neighbor on the paint estimates.

Are you thinking about choosing a different exterior color for your home? Before you get out the paint swatches, make SURE you check  your HOA covenants first. Many communities have rules about what color your home can be, or that you need to get HOA approval before you change the exterior paint color. Once you have to go-ahead, how do you know what color might look good on your home? Well, the best option is to consult a designer. If that isn’t an option, there are some neat tools “out there” that you can do some “visualization” on your own with the help of your computer and photo of your house. I found this article on that has several FREE computer applications to help you visualize a different paint color on your house. Pretty cool!

Bottom line? If it you bought your home new and it has been 4-5 years since you even thought about the outside of you home, you might want to have an expert come and check things out. At the VERY least, there’s probably some caulking that needs to be done….

Dina Gundersen
MHH Team Member

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