Maintaining the Health of Your Trees

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While you probably pay a lot of attention to your lawn and garden, your beautiful trees may get overlooked. Rather than expecting Mother Nature to handle the trees for you, there are some important ways you should care for your trees.

According to Trees Atlanta, watering, mulching and pruning are vital to tree health. Even when watering restrictions are in force, you can hydrate your trees with recycled water – think rain barrels, buckets filled with water after you shower or even what comes out of your dehumidifier. Water when the sun and heat are low, in the morning or evening, and slowly pour the water around the tree, but not directly on the trunk to reach more of the root system. Each tree requires about 15 gallons of water per week, which can be added during a once-a-week watering.

The next step, mulching, has a wide variety of benefits for trees like regulating soil temperature, maintaining soil moisture and preventing soil erosion. Make sure your trees are mulched year-round with about two to three inches of mulch beneath the entire canopy of the tree, but beginning about four inches away from the tree.

Pruning is the final step, and definitely the most challenging. If the thought of it makes you nervous, don’t hesitate to call in a pro because a bad cut really can damage your tree. The purpose of pruning is to remove dangerous or damaged limbs and allow for a stronger structure and better appearance. It’s best done during late winter and early spring. You can find lots of pruning tips on the Trees Atlanta website.

Tree Health

Monte Hewett Homes team member Dina contacted her local extension office to get help with her sick tree shown here.

If you find a tree that appears truly sick or you don’t quite know what to do, you can contact the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension for your local county. Cooperative Extension agents provide a link between the University and the public and have lots of valuable information regarding agriculture. Find out more about all of their offerings and find your local office.

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