Maintaining Your Garage Door

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Your garage door works hard for you. Giving it a little attention periodically will make it keep doing its job for many years to come. Experts recommend some of the following maintenance tips to extend the life of this important entrance to your home:

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Wondering "where's the garage?" These Heatherton Manor Homes have alley-entry garages, but even out of sight shouldn’t be out of mind when it comes to garage door maintenance!

  • Clean your door. You can use a mild detergent and car brush. Consider doing this every season to limit the buildup of damaging natural and chemical elements.
  • Lubricate all of your door’s moving parts twice a year with some type of oil like WD40.
  • When you are lubricating, check to make sure none of the parts have come loose.
  • You can verify your door’s functionality by looking for things like balance. Try opening your door manually, and if it’s too hard, you might need service.
  • Also check to make sure the automatic stop/reverse function works properly. Push the button to close the door then wave an object underneath to be certain that the door stops and reverses.

A garage door is an extremely heavy and important piece of equipment. Do not hesitate to call a professional to help – especially if you think the springs need to be adjusted. Many companies offer reasonable tune-up services. A few in the Atlanta area:

SOS Garage Door Services
Atlanta Garage Door
Doors Unlimited, Inc.
Overhead Door Company of Atlanta

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