Eco-Friendly Cleaning Ideas

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The goal of creating the safest, healthiest home possible for your family gets a big boost when you incorporate natural products into your daily routine. It’s easier than you may think, and some of what you need might be found in your kitchen already!

According to sustainability expert Lewis Perkins, when thinking about the environment, focusing on small issues and changes you can make at home will have long-term benefits for the planet. Going “green” can also help reduce waste and your budget. Here are some of Lewis’ tips for creating a healthier home by removing the toxic chemicals that are found in cleaning materials:

You don’t necessarily have to purchase a lot of costly natural products to make changes at home. Try adding some vinegar and water to a spray bottle, and use the mixture to clean kitchens and bathrooms. Vinegar cleans both soap scum in the bathroom and grease on the stovetop.

Make your own eco-friendly countertop cleaner with vinegar and water.

Another simple solution is baking soda, which can replace powdered abrasive cleaners. It is inexpensive, natural and gentle.

Borax is a great option for ridding a home of bugs including ants and some roaches. Put Borax and some honey in a jar lid and place it in the corner of the room or behind appliances. Rather than spraying toxic chemicals in the home, this will have the same effect, but it’s not dangerous for children and pets.

Start making the switch to natural products today. It’s fine to begin with small changes.

“You don’t necessarily need to throw away your current products, but just be more mindful so that when you do replace them, you replace them with things that are healthy for your family,” says Lewis. You can find more great eco-friendly products and all kinds of green news on the Environmental Working Group website.

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  1. DinaG says:

    I use white vinegar and water to clean my hardwood floors. it was recommended by the manufacturer and works great! And it’s super cheap!

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