Fall Yard Maintenance

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When the cooler weather hits, it’s time to practice a little outdoor maintenance to keep your lawn and garden looking great throughout the year. Property Masters President, Landscape Installations Division Jesse Woodruff offers these tips to keep your outdoor spaces in tip top shape.

• Put in some seasonal color with flowers like pansies, violas and mums. These will bloom even through the cold months and keep your place looking lively until spring planting.

• Winterize your bushes and shrubs by pruning and cutting them back before they become dormant for the winter.

• Add fall fertilizer to your lawn and don’t forget trees, shrubs and perennials. Plant cool season grass seed and aerate. (Aerating means putting holes in the lawn so that it better absorbs water and nutrients.)

• Next, add a layer of mulch and straw to areas around trees and bushes.

• To help you stay on top of the season’s dropping leaves, consider investing in a leaf blower. Take your piles of leaves to the wooded areas of your lawn and disperse them there.

Custom patio and fire pit courtesy of a Monte Hewett homeowner in Smyrna

• Fall is the right time to plan for outdoor living areas too. If you don’t have one already, install an outdoor fireplace or fire pit so that you can enjoy the outdoors throughout the winter. Plan ahead rather than waiting until it’s too cold to go outside.

Don’t think of it as a chore – the best part about outdoor fall maintenance is that it gives you a chance to appreciate the beautiful weather!

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