How to Throw a Hollywood Halloween Party

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Are you tired of bobbing for apples and looking for a way to add excitement to your Halloween party this year? How about throwing a Halloween Hollywood Party that brings out the glam and the ghoul at the same time?

Award-winning Atlanta event designer William Fogler of WM Events explains how:

We’re talking Old Hollywood for this gruesome celebrity costume party- like OLD old Hollywood- like DEAD old Hollywood. Invite your closest friends and family to join your frightful fete by dressing up like their favorite dead celebrity, keeping in mind the way in which they actually kicked the bucket; it’ll be more fun if everyone stays in character!


Welcome guests to your home with a blood red carpet regal enough for Hollywood royalty, and creepy enough for an October 31st night. As they strut their zombie stuff, you can offer red paint for walk-of-fame handprints. Blood orange martini’s, severed lady fingers, and chocolate covered insects are perfect treats for an undead guest. They can also enjoy a spooky display of candy pills, candy rope, and sour candy arsenic with accompanying coffin gift bags for a Pick Your Poison Candy Bar.

Creepy treats like these "ladyfingers" will horrify and delight your guests!

Guests will have a blast acting out their celebrity deaths in a game of Creepy Charades. Or have a friend dressed up as a tabloid reporter interviews your visitors for some chilling coverage of the corpse crowd.

With the right makeup, food coloring, and red paint, you’re on the fast track to a murderous monster mash!

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