Christmas Light Trade-In at Home Depot

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Ho Ho Ho! Start your holiday season off with an energy-saving coupon when you recycle old lights at any Home Depot location. Through November 13 only, just bring in your old incandescent holiday light strings – even if they no longer work – and the Home Depot will recycle them for you. Even better, you’ll get a coupon toward the purchase of new LED lights.

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Coupons range from $3 – $5 depending on the new lights you select. You can choose from Home Accents Holiday LED Lights, Martha Stewart Living or GE Holiday LED Lights or EcoSmart or Light Show Holiday LED Lights. Whichever brand you choose, LED lights can last up to 12 holiday seasons and use about a tenth of the electricity that the incandescents do! This means you’ll save even more for years to come.

Find out more and print a coupon on the Home Depot website.

Need a few more reasons to choose LED lights for the holidays? According to Help Save Energy on,

  • They use up to 95 percent less energy.
  • They last up to 10 times longer.
  • They are more durable with no filaments or glass bulbs to break.
  • They produce very little heat, reducing the risk of fire.

So get those old lights out of the attic now and head to Home Depot. You don’t even need to untangle them first! That would even make Clark Griswald a happy man!

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