Monte Hewett Interviewed on Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio!

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The folks at Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio recently interviewed Monte Hewett, President of Monte Hewett Homes. During the 13-minute interview, Monte explains why he founded Monte Hewett Homes in 2000 and his desire to build closer to the city than many other builders were doing at that time. By focusing on infill intown communities, the properties have managed to remain competitive in the current housing market.

Monte also discusses what today’s homebuyer is interested in, which has shifted from just a few years ago. While the biggest decision drivers are kitchens and family living spaces, master bedrooms have gotten smaller (allowing for more storage space), and two-story great rooms have been mostly eliminated. The general trend now is to be practical.

If you are wondering how the market is doing, Monte offers thoughts on that too, and some of it is very positive. To get the full version of Monte’s analysis and advice, you can also download Monte’s interview on iTunes!

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