New Homes, Decatur GA, for Living In Style And Comfort

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New homes! The last stone is down and all ground work is complete. Monte Hewett Homes presents its newest property of homes ready to sell right away. Nestled in the thick canopy of suburban landscape in Decatur is a new home site, Park Overlook. Park Overlook offers ten to fifteen beautifully built single-family homes priced in the $500’s. Next door to Dearborn Park and Shoal Creek, this lovely community is the perfect settling ground for families with school-aged children, ready to enroll in the nearby Winnona Park Elementary. With ten different floor plans, you can custom design your home to fit your daily lifestyle needs. Our move-in ready homes have external amenities that are just as exquisite as the internal features. Some homes provide alley-entry and are located in a private cul-de-sac. For more information on Park Overlook, please contact Ted Blockers at 404-918-4455 or Weslee Knapp at 678-358-4321.

Things are busy at Monte Hewett. Not only are we ready to sell homes at the Park Overlook in Decatur, but we are also ready to move families into our new homes at the Heatherton in North Fulton County. Currently, we offer single family homes starting in the mid $300’s.  Construction just started on a new Manor Collection home, with completion scheduled for this coming spring 2012. Starting in March, the Heatherton is breaking ground on new 3-story townhomes starting from the $250’s. As always, our fabulous homes are energy efficient to save homeowners money and help the environment. If you would like more information on pre-sale deals at the Heartheron, please contact us at 678-538-3125.

The time to buy is now. Why? Because time is running out on Brookhaven Manor. Located in the center of the Buckhead area, only a few townhomes remain. With easy access to shopping and dining, this community is perfect for the homebuyer who likes to play close to home. The sales center is open daily, so please make an appointment at 678-460-0709. Remember interest rates are at an all-time low so don’t miss out on joining this extraordinary place to call home.

Do you still have to get out of your vehicle to close your garage door? Well, you shouldn’t have to. Garage door maintenance is one of the most neglected chores amongst homeowners. As one of the biggest appliances in a home, the garage door needs some attention at least once a month. Cold and hot temperatures affect the performance of the garage door’s moving parts such as springs, rollers, cables, pulleys and other hardware. Homeowners can do half the maintenance themselves by conducting the following tests: a monthly eye test for visual inspections, a door balance test to see if the door manually opens and closes, a reversing mechanism test to check if the door automatically opens if it closes on an object, and a photo eye test to make sure the photo eye sensor works to prevent entrapment. Although basic tests can help with safety and proper operation, it is best to call on a certified professional for complete door inspections and repairs.


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