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At Monte Hewett Homes, we pride ourselves in building the best homes with the best materialsAs a homeowner, it is up to you to keep you home in top shape and in the best condition. Now that spring is almost upon us, spring maintenance is essential to make sure your home is a safe dwelling.  We believe all homeowners should create a home maintenance schedule to make sure their investment last for years and years.  Trimming the hedges and cutting the grass is routine; however, cleaning the windows or gutters is not.  When was the last time you cleaned your windows or flushed your gutters?

Window cleaning is very important to maintaining a clean and healthy home.  Clean windows can brighten your living space and cut down on your electric bill by letting in natural light.  Clean windows can also provide better indoor air quality.  For example, in areas with high levels of acid rain, over time the acid rain can wear off the glass finish if regularly scheduled outside window cleanings do not take place.  This can ultimately affect the air inside the house.  All the windows on Monte Hewett Homes tilt in, so any of our homeowners can wash their windows at any time.  If the job is too dirty for you, there are plenty of companies that specialize in window cleaning services. 

gutter cleaning

Gutter and window cleaning is very important to every home.


When you look out your clean second floor windows, you may notice your clogged first floor gutters.  Gutter cleaning should be on every homeowner’s seasonal home maintenance to-do-list.  Dirty gutters can contain anything from leaves to bird nests.  It’s true! Your overlooked gutters can be home to squirrels, birds and even some creepy crawlers.  Clogged gutters can also become damaged gutters, which can cause costly problems such as water damage to your home’s foundation.  No one wants to pay for foundation repairs, especially when the cost can be avoided by regular home maintenance. 

A ladder, a water hose and some thick rubber gloves are all you need to grab leaves and flush debris out of your gutters.  Washing the gutters with the change of the fall and spring seasons will go a long way in keeping your home structure secure.  Again if the job is too much to handle, there are professional gutter cleaning contractors who can complete the job for you.  Remember a clean home is a happy home and much easier on the neighborhood’s eyes.  Happy spring cleaning everyone.

Cleaning the gutters on a house

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