Low Interest Rates for Better Home Financing

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We have all heard it before – “It’s the RIGHT time to buy!” But it really is true – we are in a buyer’s market today for sure. Today’s interest rates are lower than ever, making home financing an easier pill to swallow during the purchasing process. Low mortgage interest rates are converting more renters into first time home owners, and we are excited to see new sales inquiries at our many Monte Hewett locations.

Home Mortgage Financing

Home Mortgage Financing

Monte Hewett Homes makes the home buying experience as pleasant as possible for anyone who visits any of our communities. We provide several options so each home is distinctively different. If you are looking to build a home on a purchased lot, custom design your home or close on a home that is move-in ready, Monte Hewett can accommodate your needs. At Monte Hewett Homes our focus is you. We can build your home on a lot you own or you can choose to build in one of our communities. You can have hands on experience with the construction of your home, in terms of custom designed features to meet your living standards and needs. At Monte Hewett Homes, we stand by our craftsmanship and offer homes that are move-in ready with special incentives.

Monte Hewett communities are built in convenient locations. We offer single-family homes and townhomes throughout metro Atlanta. Most recently our West Village community received recognition for providing homes that are fit for single lifestyles. Our communities are very accessible, only minutes away from major interstate connectors and close by neighborhood shopping. Monte Hewett Homes can help you finance the home of your dreams to fit any lifestyle. Low mortgage interest rates and great custom design options will make Monte Hewett Homes Your Builder for Life.

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