Be Safe This Summer and Get CPR Certification

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The first day of summer is June 21st, but the heat is here now. It’s that time of year when every kid wants to run and jump in the nearest pool.  With pool season upon us, it is very important to get certified in CPR for the safety of your children.  Monte Hewett Homesoffers a community pool in several of our neighborhoods, so we want to remind and encourage all of our homeowners with children to get CPR certification.

Monte Hewett Community Pool

Monte Hewett Homes wants you to be prepared with CPR training while pool-side this summer.

It is very easy to complete a class in CPR. There are many organizations such as Georgia CPR, the American Heart Association and the American Red Cross that offer group classes as well as private classes to fit your busy schedule. You can get CPR certification for infants, children and adults from a certified instructor. CPR procedures for infants and toddlers have changed over the past few years, so it is important to know how to properly administer CPR. The cost is affordable and certification can cover one or two years depending upon the origination where it is completed. CPR classes will teach you how to use protective barriers, check for responsiveness, clear airways and access breathing. Not only will you learn basic CPR, but you will also learn how to assist someone who is choking and someone who has gone into cardiac arrest. CPR training can be the difference between life and death.

An accident can happen at any time. Don’t feel helpless when faced with an emergency situation. Instead, BE PREPARED! Your family can play safely in the pool this summer knowing you are ready in case of an emergency. Get CPR certified today!


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