Helpful Tips For Winterizing Your Home

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winterizing your home

winterizing your home

Winterizing your home this weekend is a good idea.

With Georgia weather heading towards the low 30s and upper 20s next week, now is the time to fortify your home against freezing temperatures. Follow these helpful tips for winterizing your home and enjoy some peace of mind during the cold months.

Opening and closing doors and windows over time can wear away sealing that keeps cold air out and warm air in. Replace worn weather stripping around windows and doors and caulk the gaps where necessary. Door sweeps do more than keep unwanted critters out; they keep cold air from creeping into your home as well.  All it takes is a quick trip to Lowe’s or Home Depot to purchase weather stripping and stop air leaks.

The heating system is the crown jewel to keeping your home warm on a cold night. A routine check by a heating professional can go a long way. Make sure your filter is replaced and excess dust is vacuumed out of vents and other heating components to ensure the functionality of your heating system as well as the safety of your family. Unattended to heating systems can lead to dangerous and unnecessary fires. Repeat after me, the thermostat is my friend. Setting your thermostat not only saves you money, but it also maintains comfortable temperature levels in your home. Also be sure to check and replace the batteries if your thermostat uses them.

The other important heating “element” in your Monte Hewett home is the fireplace. Checking and cleaning the chimney is important; however, the damper is vital in keeping warm air from escaping your home. Make sure your damper is closed when the fireplace is not in use. While you’re checking the chimney from the outside, take a look at your roof. Loose shingles should be replaced, flashing should be tightened where needed and the gutters free of debris. This will keep water out of your home. Also be sure to point downspouts away from the home and trim unwanted tree limbs hanging over the roof just in case they decide to fall.

If you have any known issues with pipes, fix them right away. The worst thing that can happen during the winter is bursting pipes due to freezing ground temperatures. This is a common occurrence. Make sure you drain (also known as “bleeding”) all outside faucets and sprinkler systems before old man winter freezes them solid. Also be sure to leave a faucet dripping inside your home on the coldest days to keep water flowing.

Winterizing your home is a cost efficient and easy way to prevent more costly damages from taking place during the cold months. Just follow these helpful tips and settle in for a long winter’s nap.


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