Have You Completed Your Spring Home Maintenance Schedule Yet?

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It’s May. Get cracking on that home maintenance schedule!

home maintenance schedule2013 is rolling by faster than you can say “home maintenance schedule”! Speaking of which, have you completed your spring maintenance list yet? Even though it hasn’t felt like spring, it will be summer in less than 60 days! Now is the time to get your home maintenance schedule completed so your home is ready for the warm months ahead. Not sure what to do around the house? Monte Hewett Homes knows how residents can prepare their homes for the upcoming hot Atlanta heat with the following to-do-list. How about a little home tune-up?

Let’s start with and inspection of the exterior of your home. Over the years, brickwork and stucco can erode due to seasonal changes. Check your home for eroded mortar. If you see white deposits on the bricks, try brushing them away during warm weather to get that smooth look again. Living in a humid city like Atlanta can warrant some discoloration to your home siding. You can remove unsightly discoloration by power washing away algae build-up. Repainting siding can also be an option, although this project usually takes more time.

Clutter in your gutters? That means it’s time to clean your gutters and downspouts. Every season you would be amazed at how much clutter gets into your gutters. Rain will wash away some debris, but it takes a really good cleaning to get the water flowing effortlessly away from your home again. This is a chore indeed, but it is super important. Clogged gutters can result in costly damage to your home and wallet. When rain water has no place to go, it can find solace in your shingles which can result in roof repairs. It is worth it to get a team of professionals to clean your gutters and downspouts. You can also make a one-time investment in gutter guards and never have the worry again.


Speaking of your roof… have you inspected your roof lately? Shingles can curl up or down which gives way to leaks. No one wants a leaky roof. Call a few roofers for quotes on simple repairs. While they are there, have them check your chimney. Sometimes there can be leaks there as well. If you used your fireplace this past winter (and maybe even up to two weeks ago!) calling a chimney sweep wouldn’t hurt. The chimney should be cleaned yearly, especially if you use it on a regular basis.

All this talk about the roof should have you thinking about the attic. That dark creepy place is home to your most valuable piece of home equipment, the heating and cooling system. Make sure the ventilation is working by checking for leaks in the roof from inside the home, holes in the soffit panels and obstructions over vents. If you see a bird’s nest in there, get rid of it. Be sure to change your filters. Changing the filter on your heating and cooling system is crucial to its functionality. When the filter is dirty, the air in your home is dirty and the furnace does not run efficiently. Just keeping the filter clean can help save more energy bills. You should also clean the air ducts for better air quality throughout the home. Last but not least, make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors have fresh batteries. This can be a life saver, literally. Test each unit and then replace the batteries in the non-working detectors. To be extra safe, replace all batteries and record the date so you know for the next inspection.

This is just the start of the list! You can also find more home care tips on the MHH website. Just remember completing your spring home maintenance schedule will take care of your investment so it can last for many years. You will also have a better quality life with less worry. Happy maintenance y’all!

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