How to Get Rid of Carpenter Bees

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Get Rid Of Carpenter Bees

Get Rid Of Carpenter BeesBuzzzzz! You know that sound that makes you pause when it flies by your ear. Then you look up and see a carpenter bee tunneling a nest in the wood of your deck. It really grinds your gears because it’s just above the fireplace on the deck of your new home. Instantly you wonder, what is the best way to get rid of carpenter bees? It takes a few tools such as patience, courage and maybe a good back hand. If you fancy yourself an up and coming Roger Federer, you could practice your forehand off the deck with a little bee target practice. However, if you’re an insect killing maverick, follow these steps to safely get rid of carpenter bees at your home.

Watch the nest to see if there are bees coming and going. You don’t want a gang of carpenter bees defending their newfound territory. Male carpenter bees are the ones that leave the nest and they don’t have a stinger. That’s why carpenter bees are considered harmless. However, the females usually stay inside the nest, and they do have a stinger yet they rarely sting people. They only attack when provoked.

Protect yourself first. It is always best to make sure the nest is clear of bees before making any moves. Wear breathable clothing that covers your entire body such as a long sleeve shirt, pants, a hat and safety goggles. If you’re going to use pesticide, try to use a carpenter bee, wasp or hornet killer that has a long spray nozzle so you can stand away from the nest. Most pesticides come with such and can be purchased at your local Home Depot. Although spray works, powder is more effective.

Completely spray the nest. Wait a few minutes then try to remove the nest from the wood. Keep in mind this can be tough. To make sure new carpenter bees don’t come back to rebuild, soak a piece of sponge in the pesticide spray and tuck it in a presprayed hole. Wait a few days and then cover up the hole. You can also stuff the hole with steel-wool. Either method will ensure the hole is closed. Next go over the area with wood putty or caulk. If you match the putty or caulking to the color of the wood you won’t have to paint it, if not, plan on painting over the area later.

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