Five Tips on Fireworks Safety to Keep Your 4th Bright! Plus: Firework Shows in Your Area.

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Avoid accidents with these Fireworks Safety Tips.

firework shows in your areaAs you’re getting ready to celebrate Independence Day this year, don’t forget that safety comes first! We want your holiday celebration to be full of great memories beneath the summer sky. To that end, we at Monte Hewett Homes have provided some helpful fireworks safety tips, based on recommendations from the National Council on Fireworks Safety, Yahoo! and

• Make sure you read all of the warning labels on the fireworks you are using! Don’t assume they are all the same! Each type of firework is made up of a complex mix of chemicals, powders and papers in order to create the colors you see, so they might all behave a little differently and have different safety requirements.

• It’s probably best to let one person handle the fireworks shooting, while someone else acts as that person’s assistant. While your main fireworks shooter is handling lighting the fuses, the other person can be ready with a fire extinguisher at all times, just in case. Both of these folks should avoid drinking alcohol until after all of the fireworks have been shot. Better safe than sorry!

• Speaking of safe, let’s avoid letting the young ones handle fireworks. They aren’t fully aware of the dangers posed and don’t have the same motor skill and reaction times as adults if something were to go wrong.

• So, if a firework doesn’t go off? Don’t relight it! The National Council of Fireworks Safety recommends waiting 20 minutes, then dropping the offending dud firework in a bucket of water. Again, don’t try to relight it!

• Finally, make sure your celebration is following the laws of your area. Using contraband fireworks is not only illegal, but could be deadly as homemade or prohibited fireworks may not have the same safety standard as approved, legal ones. Don’t risk it!

firework shows in your area

Don’t Feel Like Shooting Fireworks Yourself? Here Are Some Firework Shows in Your Area:

Please check out these sites and community calendar listings of local firework displays and 4th of July celebrations in the Atlanta areas served by Monte Hewett Homes.

Chastain Fireworks Shows

Lenox Fireworks Shows

Roswell Fireworks Shows

Smyrna Fireworks Shows

Cobb County Fireworks Shows

Lawrenceville Fireworks Shows

Happy 4th!




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